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    Just got off the phone with my good buddy, Capt. Mark Bradow, who is a great fishing guide.  He told me that threadfins (bait fish) are showing up thick off the beaches and that means one thing….the Tarpon are coming! There is nothing better than casting to a pod of tarpon and hoping one will eat your bait.  There are so many reasons to be on a boat on a Florida summer evening; feeling your bait on the end of the line freaking out because he sees the 100+lb. beast about to eat him; the explosion of the fish as he jumps out of the water and the sound of the reel as he peels line off.  It is a rush to experience the silence of the water, in an instant it turns to chaos. I’ll be sure to post any pics or vids of the Silver Kings we run into this summer.

    Check out this picture of a Louisiana jack I caught last week.  It weighed 28 lbs.


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